Technologies to Track Vehicles, Suspects, Assets, and Packages

Tracking solutions¬†from Blackline convey the real-time status to monitor using wireless communication technology. The moment that a safety incident occurs, Blackline’s Loner solutions communicate a safety alert to monitoring personnel.

Location Technologies
Blackline tracking solutions feature configurable schedules to monitor a device’s location using both GPS and cellular ID technology.

With cell ID technology, tracking devices will gather location information from nearby cell towers when GPS signals are weak or non-existent such as in an underground parking facility or while shielded by tall building.s

Track-on Motion
Using a combination of accelerometers and gyros, Blackline tracking products are able to detect motion and switch to a more aggressive tracking schedule while in motion.

Instant Alerting
Blackline tracking devices can be configured to notify the user via SMS text message, email, or web alert if the device leaves/enters a geo-fenced zone, begins moving, or breaches a security zone.

Removal Detection
Some Blackline tracking products can be configured to detect when they have been removed and notify the owner via an alert.

If the devices leave cellular coverage while in operation, they will continue to collect and store up to 12,000 locations and event data. Upon re-entry into cell coverage, the devices upload all stored data to the server, ensuring that there are no holes in the device history.