Real-time, map-based location tracking

Tracking solutions by Blackline GPS provide real-time location awareness of vehicles, assets, shipments and more using an intuitive map-based web interface.

Device profiles for every use case
Whether you need a device that can attach to the bottom of a vehicle or a tracker that can be slipped discretely into a crate or under a car mat, Blackline tracking devices are designed to best serve your needs with multiple sizes and shapes available.

Instant notifications
Receive instant alerts when the device begins moving, is removed from its deployed position, or enters/exits a specific area. All alerts can be configured to be sent via email, SMS text message, and web interface.

Built to industrial standards
Blackline tracking devices are built to be rugged, long-lasting, and are designed to IP-65 standards. Unlike many tracking devices, Blackline tracking products are dust and weather resistant as well as shock absorbent.

Highly configurable
Small and medium-sized businesses through to enterprises are served equally well by Blackline’s tracking solutions.  Each product is configurable based upon specific use cases, frequency of tracking updates, and device settings.

Multiple location technologies
In addition to GPS, Blackline GPS tracking devices utilize cellular ID to obtain location information when GPS signals are weak or non-existent.

International service
All Blackline GPS tracking products function seamlessly across borders with no roaming and no additional data charges. Every tracking service plan includes unlimited roaming in 70+ countries world-wide.

Save money
Many competing tracking products charge each time a device is located. With tracking service by Blackline GPS, you pay only one low price for unlimited locations. Use the continuous track to follow a device in real-time without accruing additional charges.