Blackline Spectrum

The cost of product diversion

Experts have estimated that product diversion costs North American businesses close to $63 billion each year. Nearly all industries are susceptible with products being diverted to non-authorized resellers within distribution channels. The end result isn’t just financial—negative brand and reputation impacts can occur where consumers mistrust Gray Market goods as being genuine.

The Blackline Spectrum platform was designed to enable manufactures to monitor shipments, overtly or covertly, while en route within distribution networks. Blackline Spectrum also helps with loss prevention programs and to ensure quality within logistics processes.

This platform combines a convenient web application with a selection of industrial-grade, portable tracking devices, including Blackline’s Flat Track.

Hosted web application
The Portal web application removes the guesswork from monitoring the location of your inventory and shipments. A live map displays the location of all active deliveries. Historical data is maintained for reporting of inventory and asset locations and deliveries.
Flat Track Historical View

Delivery service module with automatic time of arrival
Blackline Spectrum is a new, Delivery Service Module built to aid in managing anti-diversion and loss prevention programs.

Create deliveries in seconds. Flat Track automatically creates a route to your chosen destination when it leaves your facility and dynamically estimates the time of arrival. Flat Track will provide an exception alert based upon delivery progress if it is expected to be received late.

Flat Track Deliveries

Instant delivery exception alerts
You don’t need to be chained to your desk to be to monitor the progress of your deliveries. Blackline Spectrum delivers exception alerts if your shipments are running late, if they entered a restricted zone, or if Flat Track has been unexpectedly removed from its placement within inventory. Exception alerts are communicated instantly through email and text message to one or more users.
Restricted Zone Alert Email

How it works
Using Blackline Spectrum to aid diversion and loss programs is easy.

  1. Turn a Flat Track device on. It will automatically report its location in real-time according to a preset schedule.
  2. Create a delivery. Select the destination with Blackline Spectrum and Flat Track will automatically establish an estimated delivery time based on current conditions and alerts users when running late.
  3. Pack the Flat Track. Insert Flat Track into a envelope for its return shipment and insert into inventory for anti-diversion and loss prevention tracking.
  4. Receive exception alerts. Know instantly if your shipment will be late, has entered a restricted location, or Flat Track has been removed from packaging.

Flat Track
Blackline’s award-winning Flat Track is the perfect companion to empower your Anti-diversion and Loss Prevention programs. Discrete and thinner than an iPad 2, Flat Track packs up to 2-weeks run-time between charges. Monitoring inventory and assets with industry leading tracking performance helps you ensure that shipments are not lost en-route, misdirected, or diverted while traveling to their intended destinations.
Placing Flat Track in a Package

Removal detection
Flat Track is equipped with infrared removal detection and alerting that enables your to monitor inventory for shrinkage, even if it’s en route to a destination. If Flat Track is removed from its concealed placement, its removal detector system will instantly trigger an email and text message to monitoring personnel.
Flat Track Removal Detector

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